Earthquake in Mexico City 6.5 magnitude

Earthquake that has struck in Mexico with a powerful magnitude of 6.5. There's no word yet about the extent of injuries or damage after a strong 6.5-magnitude earthquake rattled the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca (wuh-HAH'-kah). It was felt at least as far away as Mexico City. The U.S.
Geological Survey says the quake was centered in a sparsely populated, mountainous area near the southern Pacific coast. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the shake was centred 25 miles northeast of Pinotepa Nacional in Oaxaca Stage.

The shake struck early today (Wednesday) at 2:22 am local time, causing people to run away their homes, and was even felt in Mexico City 300 miles to the north, according to Reuters, where people were woken and buildings were felt to be shaking.

A security guard in an apartment building in Mexico City, Pedro Salazar, said, "I felt it like I always do. People came jogging out of the building ". A civil protection officer told Reuters that so far there were no reports of injuries or destroy.

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