World Cup 2010 - English VS Germany

The stripper enemy met again. English which only become runner-up Grup C finally must meet Germany in act perdelapanfinal. English, which only can reach for one victories in Grup C, must be awaiting until last contest to be able to ascertain x'self to get away. That also with thin victory 1-0 to Slovenia. Even wins, The Three Lions do not come up as group champion like the one is diekspektasikan before all. English must satisfy to become runner-up after failing goal difference from United States.

Meanwhile, Germany also must be awaiting until last contest fights against Ghana to be able to get away. Unique goal Mesut Ozil finally smoothly the step. Der Panzer gets away as group champion with Ghana becomes associate. English and Germany also is ascertained will meet in fight perdelapanfinal which dihelat would coming  27 Junes in Free State Stadium. 

In the past, either English nor Germany ( or West Germany) has have ever is each other give in. Victory of British to Germany that is very is remembered is when they are champion Piala Dunia 1966. The scorpion The St George's Cross wins to West Germany with score 4-2 through?via extra time. Four years is having tubing, Germany reciprocates the drubbing. They remove English 3-2 in act perempatfinal Piala Dunia 1970.

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Article For All said...

My Prediction, 2-1 point for english.

HOT NEWS said...

1-0 For Germany