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Once again some Russian spies have been captured here in The united states and charged with being unregistered agents. Now, word has it that they are going to be exchanged for about ten of our spies that are being held in Russia. It is the same method as was used in the coursework of the chilled war. It is nothing more then a typical spy vs. spy scenario. As they told us in Security Service it is not about what the other side knows but about how much.

Lots of of these American spies are currently held at Moscow's Lefortovo jail which has lately increased their security efforts. If one were to visit the penal complex they would see oodles of TV cameras and photographers elbowing their way in to a photogenic position awaiting the arrival of the spy swap members.

Among those who are reported to be feasible candidates for the swap is Mr. Igor Sutyagin, a nuclear researcher who was convicted of spying for the west. Igor was sentenced to 14 years in jail for his conviction of spying for American CIA agents. Relatives members state that Sutyagin was recently transferred to Lefortovo in order to participate in the upcoming swap program. They is likely to be flown to freedom as soon as this week.

Sutyagin had worked for a Moscow based "Think Tank" and was arrested in 1999. Because of his employment as an arms control analyst, they was convicted in 2004 of passing nuclear sub information to a British company. That company was allegedly linked to the CIA. Sutyagin continues to deny that they was spying and states that any information that they had supplied was available from open sources.

Although no one in complete authority has announced that an official trade was being planned between the three power countries there's been several lengthy meetings held between our officials in Washington and Russia's ambassador. According to political analyst Pavel Felgenhauser, Moscow has fundamentally acknowledged that the ten people arrested were in fact Russian spies therefore it is merely a matter of time to establish a trade off.

In a federal indictment the 10 suspects were officially arraigned on allegations of conspiring to act as foreign agents with nine of them additionally charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering. Those who had been charged with the money laundering indictments were bound to return any kind of assets they acquired for use in the crime.

Prosecutors released copies of the indictments as several federal judges from Boston and Alexandria signed the necessary documentation orders to have the agents arrested in Massachusetts and in Virginia at which time they would be transferred to New York.

The defendants were all living ordinary lives here in The united states while simultaneously acting as agents for the Russian government. They would remit secret messages to and from Russia as they carried out the orders which they received from their American contacts.
By : Joseph Parish

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