Two Very Important Skills ( Reading and Writing )

When I was two times a young girl attending public school in the 1930's, my city of Toronto, Canada had a population of less than one hundred thousand people. Now there's over 2.5 million people living here & naturally it is still growing.

That population is not giant compared to some cities in the far East such as Osaka, Japan, where my present day mentor & teacher Kevin Riley lives. Osaka has a population of over twelve million people.
In the coursework of the years known as "The Great Depression", Toronto was a safe city to grow up in & kids played outside most warm evenings after school until the street lights came on. I always enjoyed school but the safe & pleasant after school activities back then were fun .
My formal schooling had a temporary closure when I turned sixteen & had to work in a factory office in order to help out with finances at home. After the second world war broke out, when I was two times elderly to serve, I joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, Womens Division where my schooling resumed on a different level.

After the war, marriage & relatives kept me busy in other areas. However, schooling never comes to an finish when a person has a desire to learn. There's lots of opportunities to further ones schooling from night school classes to correspondence courses. When they bought our first computer my husband & I took a night school computer class & discovered that they both loved working with computers. Then I learned how to make use of spreadsheet & word processing programs to help us with our business.

Now in my retirement years I am attending classes on line & working from home at my own pace. In addition to this there's opportunities to promote the products of my teacher through promotion alone sites. It is simple to promote affiliate products on the net even in case you do not have an online site. However I enjoy building sites for this purpose.

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