Courier UN Nuclear Area in Prohibiting Admission By Iran

TEHERAN - Iran prohibits two examiners from nuclear UN enters Republik Islam. The action is doubted will increase concerning international dispute is nuclear program Teheran.
Chairman Of Organization of Iran Nuclear Power, Ali Akbar Salehi, tells...
both the mans expressed as people who is not wanted the presence because aggreeing a report that is is not true by International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA ) about activity of the state nuclear, said press agency ISNA. Salehi doesn't call name of they or gives detail is concerning elements report which he calls inaccurate of that.

The action is done after UN Council, 9 June agrees implements sanction of fourth act to activity of Iran nuclear which the side of West suspects aim to make atom bombs. Teheran argues the accusation firm.
In an end of May report, IAEA tells Iran is drawing up equipments of addition to enrich uranium at a peg higher and always cherish nuclear material. Report as thick the  nine pages shows Iran always does enrichment activity of uranium at a peg higher and doesn't answer questions of IAEA about possibility that military dimension for activity of the nuclear and generates worry about possibility that activitys that is under cover.

Washington, what pushs implementing of new sanctions of UN at that moment tells, report IAEA affirms rejection of Iran to fulfill international conditions required for possibility is done consultations.
Iran answers to angrily to newest witnesses of that, the parliamentarians warns possibility that degradation of the relation of with IAEA focusing in Wina. " Report they are not at all correctness. We ask them doesn't send two this examiners to Iran and replaces with two other people," said Salehi.
" If an examiner makes one reports is against the fact, we have rights to protest like the one is we to do, in this case report two the examiners," He said.

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