Kids and Television

Kids today spend plenty of time in front of a TV. This can be lovely, but may also be bad. What does your child do with their time?
Kids are spending a record amount of time in front of some electronic tool today. Increasingly parents are finding themselves busy and occupying their kids with a kind of an electronic tool. This can be a lovely thing, but most parents are not monitoring what their kids are watching.
Studies have found that kids ages 0-6 spend about 1 hour and 58 minutes in front of a kind of screen media. They spend an average of 59 minutes listening to music. They spend 39 minutes either reading or being read to, and spend 2 hours and 1 minute playing outside. Electronic devices are becoming increasingly normal for kids. These are a quantity of the latest findings that have come from surveying parents.
Most of kids grow up in a household where the TV is constantly on. Sixty three percent of kids live in a home where the TV is on at least half of the day while everyone is awake. Studies have also found that even when no one is watching TV, that 36 percent of households leave it on most, if not on a regular basis. Forty Three percent of parents say that when they have an important task that needs to be completed, they let the TV occupy the child so they are not bothered.
Over 80 percent of kids use some kind of screen media everyday of their lives. Kids who lives in households where the TV is left on when no one is watching, are more likely to start watching tv before they are one, to watch it ever day, and to watch it for 34 minutes longer per day than other kids. Kids in these households are also less likely to read everyday than other kids who live where the TV is not always left on. In fact, it is less likely that these kids will even be read to at all.
Tv can be a lovely thing for a child. What is your child watching on Tv? Are they watching programs that are intentionally picked out for them ahead of time that will help them learn something that will benefit them? Are they watching something of their choice? Did you choose what they are watching? In the event that they are choosing what they watch, why are they allowed to do this? Do you know the shows they watch, what they are about, and in the event that they promote learning of any kind?
There's channels on tv that have shows appropriate for sure ages, but this does not mean that the shows on that channel are of benefit to the child. In case you have tasks that need to be completed, this is normal and acceptable. You may need to intentionally choose and select what your child watches while you do whatever needs to be completed. Allowing them to watch tv that is not beneficial to their learning is damaging in my view for the child. The kid's brain is growing at a quick rate while they are young, between the ages of 0 and 6. These are the most critical ages that the child will either create habits that can benefit them in life, or habits that won't benefit them in life. It is up to you as the parent to choose what they child does and what they learn.
Use TV as a device to help the child learn, not occupy their time until you are completed with whatever task is at hand. Use video games as a device to help them learn things. In case you start this at the age of one, their brain will naturally look for shows or games that will help them learn new skills that benefit them. This is not something to be taken lightly or without care. Kids are a precious gift and our job as parents are to help the grow and become better people in the world than they are. The future generations of humanity depend on you as a parent to help make this world a better place. It is you job and duty to fulfill Th's role as a parent.

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