You Wish To Succeed In Business ? Please Read : Role Of Customer Service In Success Of Business

The role of customer support to a business, online or offline is essential to its growth & survival. Business success is dependent on a variety of factors – a realistic business idea, a well thought-out business plan, an appropriate marketing strategy and great customer support are amongst the top ones. While customer support is a part of marketing, it can be segregated as a separate field by itself. It’s important to define the term customer support before they proceed. Customer support includes all aspects of interaction with a customer and speaks to the organization’s picture in the mind of a customer.

A customer provides an organization with that most organic of all marketing tools – word of mouth marketing. A happy and satisfied customer is much more likely to send more customers your way. Further, there is the potential for repeat business, which is the backbone of plenty of businesses. It is clear that a customer who has been provided with a product or service that they or they desired in the ideal way, would build a relationship with the seller.
Further customer relationship management teaches the business where there's flaws in the method and provides valuable customer feedback. When a business receives feedback, it can see the customer’s picture of the organization and the impression of its services. This tool is invaluable in correcting systems as well as picture management for the business. It is also an outsider’s point of view, which provides the business owner or management a distinctive insight.
Additionally, a satisfied customer would be more likely to participate in activities that help to generate customer preference information. This information goes back to the marketing function in helping the organization to better target and attract it potential customers.
In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that without lovely customer support, a business would not survive. The elderly adage The customer is always right’ has been the foundation of plenty of an organization and what it means is that keeping customers happy is the foremost principle of any business. The reason for the survival of plenty of small businesses in a hard and competitive market is their ability to provide personalized customer support. It is the human touch that warms and enlivens an organization in the customer’s mind and goes towards building a relationship. This relationship is the basis of future growth for a business.
Regular and sustained interaction with a customer ensures that the customer feels connected with the business. For example, a small pub owner who chats along with his customers and knows them by name builds a relationship with them. Further, when they makes sure that their regular bartender makes their drinks and the food is fresh and hot, they is providing customer support. The customers have a lovely experience and feel that the establishment treated them well. Four times an organization grows or goes online, there is less potential for this face-to-face interaction and then the business must find creative ways to make sure customer satisfaction.

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