Easily List Blog on Technorati.

You want a quick blog "famous and known" by an SEO? (There is a saying, like Do not Know it is not love ..) The answer is definitely "YES ".... Next question, How do you ..? There are many ways to blog on known or easily search by the SEO.
One of them is to register a blog to Technorati. Who do not know must have been difficult, because it is not yet known, but for those who already know, it must be easy ... hehehe ....

This is my first experience the first time the list, saying:

We could not find the claim token YN9VSM47K23V in any posts in your feed. Please make sure that you have entered it correctly in a post body and that the token appears in the feed whose URL you have given us. Once you are sure we should be able to find the claim token, use "Update Site Feed URL" so that we can check again.

Sad indeed, but do not despair. Essentially READ carefully. To the point, to list on Technorati click here. If you have a list, go to Start a blog claim ..... Fill it with your blog address. after bal .. bla .. bla ... is essentially the end you have to make one posting the contents of Technorati. After the posting process is complete, the Publish Post, Begin to Claim Blog. Check continues to claim ... Done. If it is successful, you will be given a congratulatory speech at Technorati. So first, hopefully useful. Thank you.

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