New Gmail Feature ( Google Mail ).

Gmail users can now add company logos or other unique designs according to their wishes in an email sent by the presence of rich-text signature features. As is known, formerly Google's email service users can only send plain text.

In Google blog says, in rich-text signature has long been a demand for most Gmail users. "Usually the user has his own way to enrich the text of the email to make it more interesting, like using Greasemonkey scripts and browser plug-ins," wrote Google Software Engineer, Mark Knichel quoted by the Telegraph. While other users, he says, can only be 'resigned' to send plain text because they can not change the color, font size of the company logo, or insert images and links.

"Now you may be pleased to hear that Google has launched a feature that allows you to enrich and beautify the text of the email in Gmail," said Mark Knichel.

Rich-text editor that can only be found on the Gmail user's account settings page and from there users are welcome to arrange it as you wish.

Knichel mentioned, this feature only applies to the latest desktop version of Gmail. While for the old version of Gmail, and a simple HTML version of Gmail mobile, does not support this feature.

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